Solid Carbide Series

Solid Carbide Speedy Reamer


15° right helix spiral, 20° chamfer(standard) for high speed reaming

Standard H7 tolerance, special point & tolerance or coner radius available on demand

Speed reaming Vc=40~80m/min, f=0.1mm/rev.per flute, TiN & TiAlN coated

Best combination if use with our standard YSD Solid carbide drill

Machining case of YSR

Company : “M” Automotive

Applied Carbide Speedy Reamer : YSR120-RO.6

Kind of machine : Machining center, Vertical spindle

Work-piece : SCM420H, ESP Pinion shaft, HRC27~31
(See reamed work-piece photo)

Cutting speed : 1200rpm, Vc=45m/min.,

Pre-drilling : 11.8mm, cut-off : 0.1mm(one side)

Coolant : External soluble oil

Resulted in great performance

Roundness : O=1.8um,

Roughdness : Ra =0.14um

Cycle time 650% increase