Indexable, Coolant Drill

Scribing tool STH


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Interchangeavle carbide scribing drill mounted in the holder

Rigid heat-treated tool steel holder

Designed with spring system to retract drill for uneven surface

Extra function to use chamfer milling for hole edge

TiN coated 90 degree drill point with dual angle for stable scribing

Carbide flatted shank drill to fit in STH holder

Locking by side screws fastening

Adjustable tension by threaded screw from holder end

How to assemble scribing tool

A. Push ① SD 080, Scribing tool into tool body until hiding flatted shank completely

B. Lock ② Locking screw completely

C. Insert ③ Tension SHT-spring inside of tool body

D. Turn ④ Adjustment screw right-hand direction and push into the holder-end

E. Finally, loose ② Locking screw by 45” left-hand direction(about 1/8 turn)

so that spring’s tension can be performed

How to dismantle scribing tool

A. Remove ④ Adjustment screw by left-hand direction

B. Take out ③ Tension STH-spring from tool body

C. Loose ② Locking srew

D. Take out ① SD 080 Scribing tool from tool body